The Cost of Care – Navigating the Storm

  • 12 March 2024 12 March 2024
  • UK & Europe

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Clyde & Co Care Costs Expert Market Report 2024

Recent years have seen a perfect storm for the care sector. Geopolitical, economic, social and market factors in the form of Brexit, Covid-19, the cost of living crisis have compounded staff shortages. 

As a result, rising care costs – which often make up the largest heads of loss in catastrophic injury  – remain a challenge. Even so, low pay remains a persistent problem for many carers. 

Whether this situation is sustainable, and whether care costs remain affordable is the concern.

To build up a picture of the current state of play, analyse how we got here and assess the outlook, we conducted first-of-its-kind research among the care expert community. Via a combination of a survey and in-depth interviews, this study illustrates current cost levels across the country for different types of care, and investigates the present, emerging and future trends that could influence the direction of travel.

It provides an exclusive insight into the care sector, which will act as an invaluable resource to help the principal stakeholders – including insurers, experts, the courts, commissioning authorities and care providers – navigate both today’s challenges and the risks ahead.

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