Claiming Independence: Care Considerations in Bilateral Lower Limb Amputation Cases

  • Market Insight 22 March 2024 22 March 2024
  • UK & Europe

  • Casualty claims

We've collaborated with care expert Jessica Thurston, Head of Medico-Legal Operations and Care at Somek and Associates (S&A), to provide a comprehensive article on the unique challenges faced by bilateral lower limb amputees in injury claims. Jessica, drawing from extensive experience in occupational therapy, discusses key care needs for bilateral lower limb amputees compared to single amputees.

Beginning with the inspiring story of James 'Jumper' Wide, a 19th-century double amputee signalman, we highlight modern challenges faced by bilateral lower limb amputees covering topics such as increased energy expenditure, technological advancements in prosthetic rehabilitation, accommodation considerations, personalised care plans, personal care challenges, and wheelchair accessibility.

Jessica underscores the importance of tailored care solutions for optimal outcomes. Despite the rarity of cases like James Wide's we focus on the potential of modern rehabilitation and technologies to enhance the quality of life for bilateral lower limb amputees.

We want to provide you with valuable insights, particularly in understanding the nuanced care requirements of individuals with bilateral lower limb amputations. Click below to read the full article, if you have any questions please get in touch.

Elizabeth Wallace, Partner and Daniel Marshall, Associate are members of Clyde & Co’s Amputation Subject Matter Group. To read more insights from this group please click here.

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