Exploring perceived injustice and its impact on injured litigants with Chronic Pain

  • Market Insight 04 March 2024 04 March 2024
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  • Casualty claims

Clyde & Co’s Tim Large, our Chronic Pain lead, and Matthew Snarr, barrister at 9 St John Street have recently published an article in the Journal of Personal Injury Law. The piece explores perceived injustice and its impact on chronic pain litigants.

Tim and Matthew examine the connection between perceived injustice, pain catastrophising, psychological distress and prolonged disability and a patient’s involvement in ongoing litigation. They go on to discuss the tool developed to assess patients’ experience of injustice – the Injustice Experience Questionnaire (IEQ) – and question its suitability for use in the litigation process due to its potentially self-fulfilling nature and lack of objective validation. Instead, there may be greater benefit in focusing on the provision of treatment targeted at addressing claimants’ negative perceptions.

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Additional authors:

Matthew Snarr, barrister at 9 St John Street

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