Africa outlook: trends, opportunities and risks

  • Market Insight 25 September 2023 25 September 2023
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Africa will be a key engine for global growth over the next 30 years. With resource-rich countries, rapid economic growth, increasing political stability and an entrepreneurial environment, international companies see clear investment opportunities across the continent. However, to successfully leverage the opportunities in key sectors such as energy, agriculture, real estate, commodities, manufacturing, and hospitality, businesses must understand the unique and varied legal, social and political dynamics and risks across the continent.

Record levels of domestic and cross-border transactions in the last decade, alongside a notable rise of African-led acquisitions and Africa-focused and Africa-based private equity funds, have resulted in the business landscape across the continent rapidly evolving, with regulators implementing new regimes to reflect international best practice.

Our webinar invited our Africa specialists, alongside guest speaker Robert Hutchinson, Partner at Control Risks, to share insights on the latest trends and regulations impacting companies entering or operating in Africa and how to overcome and manage the challenges they may pose.

Our panellists addressed the following discussion points:

  1. What are the key sectors across the continent?
  2. Where are we seeing opportunities?
  3. What are the market-entry risks for investors?
  4. What is the position of the regulator or government to incentivise investments across the continent?
  5. What legislative updates do businesses need to consider for operating across the continent? 

If you have any questions about entering or operating in Africa, please contact one of our specialists below.

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