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Construction PI Newsletter - edition 3

  • Market Insight 22 February 2021 22 February 2021
  • UK & Europe

  • Professional Practices

Our Construction PI team has compiled this newsletter, addressing some of the ‘hot topics’ that will have affected many in the last few months, in particular EWS1 Forms, Court decisions that could have a wide-reaching impact on those undertaking expert work, litigation strategy issues stemming from Covid-19 and the potential impact on the industry of the recent downturn in construction output.

Construction PI Newsletter - edition 3

Please find below some further detail of the articles contained in this newsletter:

  • EWS1s: an added complication to the surge in cladding claims
  • Industry snapshot - is more litigation in the construction industry looming?
  • Winding up petitions: a litigation strategy that still works and the effect of Bresco v Lonsdale?
  • Experts' duties and conflicts of interest - the Court of Appeal judgment in Secretariat PTE Ltd & Ors v A Company [2021] EWCA Civ 6

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