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Podcast: What you need to know about the revised UAE bankruptcy law

  • Podcast 29 November 2020 29 November 2020
  • Middle East

  • Commercial Disputes

In this three-part podcast series, Partners Michael Morris and Keith Hutchison explore some recent developments and changes to the UAE Bankruptcy Law, which has now been in force for around 3 years, and how these may impact on both debtors and creditors in the UAE.

Part 1

Michael Morris and Keith Hutchison discuss what outcomes creditors can expect when initiating bankruptcy proceedings in the UAE. 


Part 2

Michael Morris and Keith Hutchison discuss the key changes to the UAE bankruptcy law that all businesses should be aware of.

Part 3

Michael Morris and Keith Hutchison discuss whether the law may apply retrospectively and what creditors and debtors can expect from these changes in the law.  


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