Risk, Response and Recovery in Motor Prosecutions

  • 30 May 2024 30 May 2024
  • UK & Europe

  • Casualty claims

The landscape of motor prosecutions and sentencing has recently undergone significant change, having a detrimental and far reaching impact on drivers, employers, and the insurance industry.



The recent changes underscore the importance of safe driving practices and robust risk management strategies. The practical repercussions for drivers, employers, insurers and brokers due to the changes in motor prosecutions and sentencing can be significant. 

For companies, implementing a comprehensive driver training program is essential for promoting safe driving practices and procedures for reporting and managing incidents. It’s crucial for drivers to understand the changes, potential consequences, and for employers to provide the necessary training and support to promote safe driving among their staff and clear instructions on the steps to take following an incident.


Seeking early legal advice is essential.

Our team of specialist road traffic lawyers, located across the UK, offer a 24/7 crisis response service and an incident reporting line for retained corporate clients. This ensures our early involvement and a proactive defence ethos to significantly impact the trajectory as to whether a driver is prosecuted.

We closely collaborate with our civil team providing significant advantages for our clients by offering a single point of contact, we simplify interactions so you can benefit from having one dedicated liaison who coordinates all communication, reducing complexity and delays.

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